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Speeding Tickets

Reduction or Dismissal of Traffic Tickets With the Help of a Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Many people who get traffic tickets in North Carolina make the mistake of thinking they should simply pay a fine and move on, only to suffer costs and other consequences they did not anticipate — and could have avoided.

Pleading or being found guilty of any traffic law violation in North Carolina may subject you to a fine and court costs, driver's license points, increased auto insurance rates, and, in some cases, loss of driving privileges and/or jail time. If you drive as part of your job duties, your ability to earn a living could be threatened as well.

Beth Carter can frequently negotiate with the district attorney to limit the repercussions of receiving a speeding ticket.  If necessary, Beth Carter can argue your side of the story in court with the goal of getting the charges reduced or dismissed. She has the knowledge and experience needed to spot strengths and weaknesses in the case against you.

Beth Carter provides free initial consultations in traffic ticket cases. In this meeting, she can explain how your case is likely to move forward, and what you should expect. Contact us today to discuss what to do after a traffic ticket issued in Lincoln County, North Carolina.

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