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Helping You Understand Your Credit Report

As part of Beth's services to individuals on financial matters, she advises them on rebuilding credit after a bankruptcy discharge has been received and understanding credit reports. You should periodically request and review your credit reports from the Experian, Equifax and Transunion bureaus, which can be done at Your ability to obtain credit will be affected by these reports, and they occasionally contain inaccuracies that should be corrected ASAP.

Repairing Your Credit Report

Errors can be disputed with a letter to the credit reporting bureau. One agency may have correct information, but check the others as well. They may be wrong. If an error is discovered on your credit report, request the credit bureau review and correct this error. They should correct errors within 30 days.

Beth's legal and financial advice will always be catered to your individual needs. She can write letters for you, help you identify errors, and ensure that they are corrected.

Clearing Your Report After a Bankruptcy Discharge

If you have filed for bankruptcy and debts have been discharged, you will want to be sure those debts are no longer reflected as monies you owe on your credit report. After entry of discharge, your debt-to-income ratio should be significantly improved. The balance owed on the discharged debt will be zero.

Chapter 13 filers' unsecured debts are not discharged promptly as with Chapter 7. Be sure you review your credit report after entry of your Chapter 13 discharge. Chapter 7 debts are discharged approximately 90-120 days after filing. You will receive official notification and a copy of your discharge in your bankruptcy directly from the United States Federal Bankruptcy Court.

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