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Obtaining Debt Relief for Small Businesses and Individuals

If your small business is having financial difficulties, or if your personal debt level exceeds what a Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows, restructuring your debt under a Chapter 11 bankruptcy could help you or your business get a start on the path to recovery.

Attorney Beth Carter can provide trusted legal and financial advice to businesses and individuals in North Carolina, including in Charlotte and the Lake Norman area, seeking debt relief through a Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Contact the Law Offices of Beth B. Carter to schedule a free initial meeting at the Denver or Huntersville office. Appointments are also available at other convenient locations upon request.

An Honest Assessment of Your Financial Situation

A Chapter 11 bankruptcy can be a good way to develop a new, more manageable debt payment plan in conjunction with your creditors, but it is not right for everyone. Beth will help you determine if it is right for you by asking the following questions:

  • Is your business in a temporary lull or is this a sign of long term decline? Because a Chapter 11 bankruptcy is not an elimination of your debt, but a restructuring of that debt, your future income prospects will weigh heavily on whether or not you should file.
  • Have you considered other debt relief options? If your home is in foreclosure, it is often possible to obtain a mortgage modification or foreclosure forbearance with your lender that allows you to catch up on your payments.

With experience guiding clients through a full range of debt relief options, the Law Offices of Beth B. Carter can help you find the debt relief solutions that works best for your needs, whether that is a restructuring of your debt through a Chapter 11 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, or liquidation through a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

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